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Caney Creek Farms
Owners: Dwayne & Kathy Kieffer
Caney Creek Farms is owned & operated by Dwayne & Kathy Kieffer.  Located fifty miles south of Nashville, TN in the small town of Chapel Hill, we offer some of the finest Katahdin breeding stock in the area.  When our kids were small, we raised goats for weed control & 4-H projects. When they left the "nest" we started looking for something more "ma & pa" friendly.  We were introduced to the Katahdin breed in 2007 & were really impressed with their low-maintenance & maternal abilities.  We have been breeding & raising them ever since.

We offer registered breeding stock for puchase.  Our ewes are only bred to genotype RR rams.  Our bloodlines were purchased from long time, well known Katahdin breeders.  We retain breeding stock through ewe records with traits for maternal, growth & length.  Lambed outside, our babies are brought to the barn for a 48 hour "bonding" period with mom, then tagged.  All moms get a complete physical before being turned out to enjoy sunshine & pasture with their babies.  Lambs are vaccinated twice before weaning for over eating & tetanus.  We practice rotational grazing & offer free choice mineral supplements. The best quality stock is offered for sale & the rest are sold for meat.

Individual health records are kept on each individual Katahdin in our flock.  We are currently members of Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI), South Centeral Katahdin Association (SCKA), & the Tennessee Katahdin Association.

​Over 140 Breeding Ewes
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Caney Creek Farms Katahdins

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